A few examples from around the internet that represent a renewed energy for measuring our work.
In the slosh of the recent tech downturns, a lot of unspoken truths are left to hash out.

January 2023

Always remind yourself that enterprise or corporate development is not boring and stodgy, rather impressively tough to do well.

December 2022

Choose optimism and learning as your approach to next year.

November 2022

A quick thank you to the group of folks that helped me with this little project
Be careful how you approach things you feel have simple answers
There is a lot going on in the tech industry, and this is the question you should be asking yourself right now.
A private space for us to converse and connect
The interesting paradox that experience creates

October 2022

The rigidity of goal setting systems and our unique needs
It takes just moments to create poor reactions and incorrect perceptions. However, we can take those moments back and allow ourselves to respond better.

September 2022

The art of resiliency includes letting go, but that is not to be confused with losing.